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Frequently Asked Questions

Most plasterers will measure how many square metres of wall space will require covering due to how many plastering boards and materials are needed. The average cost for a plasterer will be around £25- £50 per square metre.

It will also depend on the plastering style you require and how many coats a plasterer should use: the more coats, the higher cost of materials.

Skimming is very similar to plastering. It’s a process of smoothing off any surface irregularities, usually with the use of abrasive material such as sandpaper.

The most noticeable difference is that it doesn’t require walls to be plastered and painted afterwards as traditional methods do – so in this sense, it can sometimes save you money on labour costs overall. However, skimming does not provide the same durability or finish quality that a more expensive option would give. And because there are no paint coats involved later down the line, some people may find they need to repaint sooner than anticipated compared with traditional plasterwork.

If the plaster is sound to the point that it’s not crumbly, you can indeed plaster over old plaster. If it’s damaged, you will need to repair the holes and cracks before laying the new plaster.

Skimming is not the same as plastering. It is the process of smoothing out an uneven surface and hiding it with a layer of plaster.

Plastering is laying either wet or dry plasters onto walls, ceilings etc., to cover them up securely and make sure they are waterproofed by putting on at least two coats.

Some plasterers do outside rending as well. It is not uncommon for a plasterer to offer exterior plastering work, but there are specialist firms that focus on this type of thing exclusively.

Outside rendering requires particular skills and experience in order to get the right finish.

There is a huge  demand for plasterers in the UK, some plastering  contractors are  taking on as many jobs as they can.

As such, it’s worth getting an estimate for the job you need done before going with a plasterer so that you know what your best options are and how much they’ll cost you.

Plastering and rendering are two different trades. The main difference is that a plasterer will use plaster for the finish, whereas a render uses cement or lime instead of plaster. Also, the strength of the plaster is usually higher.